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basic knowledge of stage lighting-light
Oct 26 , 2020

simply put, light color is the color of light. it is an important way to complete stage role modeling or emotional expression in stage lighting design. it can effectively render the atmosphere and mood of the stage. The success of stage lighting is often the key to the success or failure of performing arts.The dazzling lighting is used to make make the most perfect stage set off for the high-rise building on the ground,We also understand and recognize stage lighting from the basic knowledge.

#1. basic concept of light

Light: it travels in space in the form of electromagnetic waves. a small part of the electromagnetic waves that human eyes feel is called visible light, and its wavelength is generally between 370 and 780 nm. visible light is divided into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple.

luminous flux : luminous flux is the total amount of light emitted by the light source per unit time, unit: lumens, or lm.

luminous efficiency : luminous efficiency is the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by the light source to the power consumption, in lumens/watt, lm/W. different light sources emit the same luminous flux, and the less power they consume, the higher the luminous efficiency.

illumination intensityrefers to the energy of visible light received per unit area, referred to as illuminance, unit lux (or lx). it is used to define the intensity of the light and the amount of illumination of the surface area of the object. according to the results of western european research: under the general fluorescent lighting conditions without glare, the most satisfactory illuminance for human vision is 1500 ~ 3000lx.

color temperature :Color temperature is a unit of measurement that expresses the color components contained in light, the unit k (Kelvin). The color radiated by a black radiator at a certain temperature is called color temperature. The light with a color temperature which is below 3300K gives people a warm feeling and is called warm light; the light with a color temperature which is above 5300K gives people a cold feeling and is called cold light; and the light with 3300~5300K is an intermediate color light.

color renderingindex The degree of fidelity that the light source presents to the color of an object is called color rendering, usually called color rendering index (Ra). The light source with high color rendering has better color reproduction, and the colors we see are closer to the true colors of things; on the contrary, the color deviations we see will be larger.

#2 psychological changes in the color of light

different colors produce different stimuli to people's physiology, thereby affecting people's different psychological feelings.

warm and cold

Red, orange--warm

Blue, purple--cold

dark gray--cold

sense of distance : red--near blue--far

lightness : red, orange-heavy blue, white-light

excitement : red--excited blue--quiet

in stage performances, the importance of stage lightingis self-evident. user can enrich the character characteristics of the characters, express their emotions, and perfectly create the environment and atmosphere required by the stage play by reasonable use of the lights on the stage.

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